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7'x14' Glamping Barrel - Knotty Red Cedar

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This unique sleeping barrel is the perfect accommodation to offer at your 'Glamping Resort', Airbnb or at your cottage. This hand-crafted barrel provides an awesome view with the option to add a variety of amenities to make your stay enjoyable and fun. The front section of the glamping barrel includes a flat floor, and you can order cabinets for 1 side only if you want to keep the front wall inside the door empty for a heating or air conditioning unit. The front door is 33"x71" (84x180cm) and has an opening window with screens in it. The door can be locked for security or when not in use. The back section of the glamping barrel will take a queen size mattress on the platform which has a storage area and pull out table underneath.

The 14 foot long barrel will be a stay that you or your guests will remember for a long time. Choice of wood and amenities will make this barrel a wonderful experience. We recommend a roof to provide a secure dry environment.