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Separett Tiny Toilet Model 1270

Product ID: 1270GW

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The Separett Tiny 1270 toilet has set the standard for environmentally friendly compact toilets higher than ever. In terms of compact design, comfort and use, it’s small design is the equal of a modern washroom in every way. The self-contained Tiny 1270 toilet has been specifically designed for small spaces such as bunkies, tiny houses, RVs, boats and small cabins.

Liquids and solids are separated in the bowl so that each can be disposed of individually. Solids from the toilet’s rear 14.5 litre container can be composted or incinerated. The urine is fed into a front portable 7.1 litre holding tank and easily removed for use as fertilizer or disposed of in any number of ways. The urine container has a sensor that gives a signal to the Separett-logotype that lights up in a red color when it is time to empty the container. The Tiny can also be converted to drain the urine to an outside leach bed or grey water tank with the urine outlet pipe.

The view screen hides the solid waste in the container and is pushed to the side when you sit down to use the toilet and automatically closes when you stand up, so you only see the toilet waste when it is time to empty the solid waste. The built-in fan expels odours and condensation from the toilet and bathroom quietly and effectively. The vent duct can be run behind the toilet straight through an outer wall, down through the floor or run up through the roof. The Separett Tiny 1270 is supplied complete for basic installation, including a vent pipe (Ø50 mm) to go through a wall.

For locations that do not have access to a 110-120V power supply, no problem, the Tiny 1270 includes both a 110-120V adaptor and a 12V power cable with alligator clips to connect directly to a 12V battery. The fan (1.6W, 210mA) is perfect for battery and solar power. Operating time using a 12V, 100Ah battery is about 3-4 weeks. The Tiny 1270 can also be vented using a wind turbine vent for those totally off the grid with no power at all.

The Separett Tiny 1270 can be installed in both warm and unheated locations, and will work perfectly well irrespective of the room temperature.


– Instructions for use

– Installation manual

– Battery cables for 12 V use

– Universal adapter for 110-240 V use

– 1 x latrine container with lid

– 1 x urine tank

– Ø 50 mm ventilation pipe 40 cm

– Adapter Ø 50 mm to 1 ½ ” PVC Pipe

– Ventilation grille with insect net

– Ventilation cowl

– Holder for drain cleaning tablet

– Silicone for sealing

– Installation sketch

– Screws for wall / floor

– Sample compostable bags

– Drain cleaning sample

– Absorb pad sample

– Filter for ventilation pipes


Material: Recyclable high gloss polypropylene

Solids container: 14.5 l polypropylene

Liquids container: 7.1 l polypropylene

Voltage/power: 12 V/1.6 W

Energy consumption: 0.04 kWh/day

Connection: 1.55m cable. Adapter 110/230V-12V

Noise level: <30 dB(A)

Max user weight: 150 kg

Seat height: 44 – 45,2 cm

Dimensions: 49.7 cm deep x 39.8 cm wide x 47 cm high

Pipes: Ventilation out Ø 50 mm | Urine out Ø 32 mm